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You'll find we offer a wide variety of both stock and custom lanyards online. We have stock lanyards ready for immediate shipping in a variety of styles and attachments. Or you can create a lanyard with your organization or event name on it with our custom lanyards. We currently offer 2 online custom lanyard styles but many more styles are available by calling one of our customer service representatives.

Lanyards are a simple, affordable way to increase your sponsors or events exposure, reinforce your brand image and boost security effortlessly for your event, company or organization. Almost all of our lanyards can be ordered with a variety of attachments and/or quick releases. Please review the various types of lanyards we offer below and contact one of our customer service representatives for more information and pricing:

Screen Printed Nylon Lanyards are one of our most popular for almost any use. They are strong, rugged, durable heavy duty and one of our most versatile. Available in 12 woven nylon colors and a wide assortment of attachments.

Knitted Cotton Lanyards are our most popular and versatile lanyards and are available in 19 cotton colors. Double thick tube, features the metal crimp with a rubber O-Ring or metal Split-Ring and a wide variety of attachments.

Knitted Organic Cotton Lanyards respond to the demand for an organic product that meets the needs for the green movement. Also double thick tube, these come in only 4 organic cotton colors and are printed with Eco-Friendly ink in either black or white only.

Economy Polyester Lanyards are becoming one of our fastest sellers. We offer you an exceptional lanyard quality and a choice of attachments at a very reasonable price.

Power Cord Lanyards are the original climbing cord lanyard and are now the international standard for power cord lanyards. Available in 13 colors two of which have reflective material properties.

Transparent & Glow in the Dark Lanyards offer exciting colors and more fun than you should have with a lanyard! Seven transparent vinyl cord colors that are offer a clear to slight color tint and one Glow in the Dark are available. Each include a snap-buckle release with standard o-ring attachment and convenience release for safety.

Full Color Dye-Sublimated Lanyards offer crisp, pure bright full color and sharp detail. Plastic or metal attachments available, just send us your artwork!

Recycled Dye-Sublimated Lanyards also offer that crisp, pure bright full color and sharp detail as our regular Dye-Sublimated lanyards and cost about 10% more but these lanyards are made from postindustrial material and satisfy those people with a passion for our environment and the green movement.

Waffle-Weave Dye-Sublimated Lanyards are specially priced for large events. Quantities start at 2,500. These offer crisp pure bright color and sharp, clear detail. Consist of a polyester material with standard plastic O-ring or snap-buckle release with o-ring. (O-rings will accommodate either a clip on name badge or a pin-on name badge.)

Denim-like Lanyards offers America's favorite fashion look in Denim! Available in either Blue or Black Denim like Polyester material. White ink imprint only.

Tie Dye Multi-Color Lanyards are bright vividly colorful and fun for any occasion. Use exciting colors to unleash your creativity for your next event. This material consist of a woven polyester with a continuous rainbow of color woven in. Available in either a 1/2" or 3/4" width and with an assortment of attachments.

Transparent Vinyl Lanyards are great for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical research use or just for a cool new look for your next event. The Vinyl is nonabsorbent and cab be wiped clean when used in messy work environments. They are strong, durable and popular for almost any use and feature the O-ring attachment.

Neoprene Lanyards and Reflective Lanyards are available in either 12 Neoprene or 4 reflective colors. They are comfortable to wear and come with the usual array of attachments.

If you are using another type of Lanyard that you don't see above or would like a quote on, please send us a sample and we will gladly look into it and/or offer an alternative choice or contact our customer service department at 866-236-4817.


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