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RFID Products

The benefits of RFID technology are endless! Loved by event and attendees, RFID products use Radio Frequency Identification to do everything from speed up admission lines to allowing attendees to go cashless. Here are few exciting uses for RFID:

  • Reduce wait time for lines with quick contactless scanning
  • Produce real-time insights on the number of attendees flowing through your gates
  • Elimate fraud with the unique identifiers of RFID chips
  • Allow attendees to go cashless and pay for food and drink by scanning their wristband, card, or ticket
  • Increase attendee engagement with sponsors, photobooths, and more!

We have a range of RFID products to suit your needs, including wristbands, PVC cards, and tickets.


RFID Wristbands
We have a range of RFID wristband materials to suit your needs, including one-day paper wristbands and multi-day fabric wristbands. RFID wristbands are a perfect fit for your event or festival.

  • RFID Fabric Wristbands: Comfortable, durable and completely customizable. The RFID chip can be added to either of the 2 fabric wristband styles, sewn in or saddle tag. For more information on our Fabric Wristbands, click here.

  • RFID Disposable Wristbands: The most economical option and widely used in acute healthcare and leisure applications. Disposable RFID wristbands are available in a variety of materials, including vinyl, plastic, tyvek and thermal.

  • RFID Reusable Wristbands: Available in a variety of materials, including elastic, silicone, plastic, Soft PVC, and Nylon.

RFID Cards
Our RFID cards contain an encapsulated microchip that operates with any RFID system or deployment. Made from 30 mil PVC material and fully customizable, our RFID cards will look great and continue to perform under adverse weather conditions and after extensive use.

Looking for an eco-friendly option? Ask our sales staff about our plastic-free options.

RFID Tickets
We offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses of paper as well as a top quality security features such as hologram, embossing, foil, and more to create unique tickets.


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