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AOP Resource Guide
Scratch-off Tickets
<font color="red">AOP Resource Guide</font><br>Scratch-off Tickets

Scratch Off as a Marketing Tool

  1. Generate additional revenue, attendance or participation.
  2. Guide your customers to specific actions or locations once they are inside your store or venue. (Example: Concessions, games, events, activities, department or item purchases)
  3. Include a Scratch Off coupon as part of a direct mail promotion.
  4. Give a Scratch Off game piece or coupon to everyone who spends “X” dollars at your location or event.
  5. Encourage return visits with a coupon good for later use.
  6. As a reciprocal promotion with another business. Share the costs!
  7. Incorporate a Scratch Off onto Trade show hand outs and pre-show mailers.
  8. Corporate contests and incentives.
  9. Sporting event “On Site” promotions and corporate sponsorships.
  10. Maximize coupon redemption and generate additional revenues.

Production Considerations for Scratch Off Tickets

The standard “Scratch Off” square size is 1” (7/8” copy area with a 1/16” silver frame border).
Any % of winning tickets is possible.
We can accommodate more than one prize. For example we could do 5 prizes, each at a different winning percentage - like 2% free hats, 2% free soft drinks, 3% free carnival tickets, 1% free admission, 2% pass to come to the fair again for a total of 10% winners.

Rolls: We can put Scratch Off on roll tickets. However, the staple used to hold the end ticket down will put a small hole in the Scratch Off coating but it is insignificant.

Books: We can put Scratch Off tickets into books (Stitched or glued) as the thickness of the Scratch Off coating is only .0005” and will not significantly build up that part of the book with the Scratch Off.

Loose: Still the most popular way to receive these.

Paper Stocks: Works best on dark color stocks. The darker colors help to cloak the message. Scratch off also works on the back of 7 pt thermal stock and on text cover but you can see the prize through a bright light on these two stocks. Scratch Off works well on Tab stock, China and Bristol. In fact, if you use Bristol the message cannot be read – Something about the opaqueness of the Bristol paper. So jobs that need total concealment we recommend this stock. To completely hide the prizes on any other stocks we recommend calling us to further discuss our proprietary methods.

Legal Considerations for Scratch Off Tickets

Scratch Off Ad Coupons/Prizes: The easiest way to use “Scratch Off” is to apply in over normal back ad type coupons or make every “Scratch Off” a prize winner where each prize is of similar or equal value. Advantages of this are:

There is no state or federal laws to be concerned with. It’s no different than a normal ad or promotion coupon; they’re just covered up by a “Scratch Off”. Every ticket must be a “winner” and prizes/coupons must be of approximately the same value.

Scratch Off Lottery Game: If there is only a percentage of prize winners or there are many small prizes and one large prize it becomes a lottery and you will need to print a special clause on the tickets. The following is an example but you should check your local and state laws (Attorney General’s Office is a good place to start) for your protection. Admit One Products is not responsible for legal problems.

Text Example: No purchase necessary. Scratch Off portion of ticket is available by sending SASE to: Carnival 2004, 6612 Main St. Anywhere, USA 446545. Offer Expires xx/xx/xx. (VT & WA residents omit return postage.) Winning tickets are subject to verification.

With the lottery style giveaways it can be helpful for you to have a set of printed rules, similar to the following, which can be mailed to anyone requesting a copy.

Lottery Style Sample Rules: Employees and families of “Carnival 2004” are not eligible. This offer is not transferable. Winning tickets are subject to verification. Winners will assume any tax liability that may be incurred including all local, state and federal taxes. Odds of winning are 1 in 100. Any winning ticket must be redeemed by the last day of the event for which the ticket was purchased.

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