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AOP Resource Guide
Custom Thermal
<font color="red">AOP Resource Guide</font><br>Custom Thermal

Custom Thermal

Stock: 7.2 or 7.5 Direct thermal stock. Stock suppliers are Appleton, Nashua, and Ricoh

Security features: Foil (stock and holographic) non-repo tint, thermographic inks, multi color foiling, bar coding and numbering


  • A) 1.98 x 5.5 (1-31/32 x 5-1/2) Most common
  • B) 1.98 x 5.625 (1-31/32 x 5-5/8) Used for Ticketmaster customers but 5-1/2 will work in same machines
  • C) 3.23 x 5,6,7,7.5 8 etc. Used for adjustable throat thermal printers, usually souvenir style
  • D) 3.23 x 2 Used for movie theatre chains

Perforations: Varies depending on manufacturer, some won’t charge extra to perf at various positions, some require a special die and the perfs can be placed in any position. For straight perfs every ¼” can be used.

Back Copy: A) Must have timing bar on back in black. Timing bar tells the printer when to print and cut.
B) There is a half inch “quiet zone” on the back of all thermal tickets. There can be no other color in this area except for red.
C) Any other copy on back is OK

Numbering: Usually on the back in 2 places. Can be ink jet numbered in red in the quiet zone, or numbered in black anywhere besides the quiet zone. We highly recommend numbering for security protection on the stock itself.

Standard Put Up: 5.5 and 5.625 standard is 2 per fold, 1000 per bundle. Any length past 5.625 is usually 1 per fold, 1000 per bundle.

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